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I’m highly organized and self-driven individual, passionate about developing my career
in the field of accounting as an Accountant. My Commitment can be gauged from the fact
that am an accredited holder of a master’s in accounting & Finance with account as
Possessing more than two years of working in diverse financial positions with multiple
companies. I have gained experience insight within the field. My key accounting and
financial competences include, but are not limited to maintaining financial records,
managing budgeting, risk assessment and business strategy reviews.
In my Current position with smart care consultants, where I work in the capacity of
financial analyst, Tax consultants, I am accountantable for leading a team and carry a
wide range of commercial process. During my course of carrier, I have gained a
specialists understanding of financial instruments and accounting software.
So through this I believe I’m the best candidate that would suit because I have direct
experience in many areas mentioned in the job description also passionate about the
accounting field. It’s the area that I have always wanted since the begun of my career, so
I’m also highly motivated and excited to do this work. As I have a great level working
with different accounting excel functions such as SUMIFS, IF functions, COUNTIFS, TRIM etc.

Thank You.


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Master's Degree


30 - 35
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