Senior Risk and Compliance Officer

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Senior Risk and Compliance Officer
Access Microfinance Bank(Selcom Microfinance Bank) 2009-08-01 - 2010-12-30 Understanding the Bank policies and make sure they are complied with stakeholders.  Analyze risk across the Bank’s operational, financial, strategic, compliance risk and assist Risk & Compliance Senior Manager in managing those risks with focus on key risk indicators, business unit risk profile, and risk reporting.  Implement Risk and Compliance risk plan based on business objectives high risk areas, to review and provide assurance on effectiveness of internal control.  Assist Risk & Compliance Senior Manager to evaluate risk and related operations to determine areas of highest exposure with intent to maximize risk and compliance review coverage.  Perform quality review of the task of team members.  Track and monitor corrective actions agreed within operational team Audit and BOT findings are closed on time.  Undertake traceability reviews on new regulations affecting the Access Microfinance Bank Tanzania and make sure stakeholders are familiarized.  Lead the team to carry out investigation through the Bank involving reported of fraud, waste, embezzlement, and abuse determine the bank’s exposure and actively recover the losses.  Maintain whistle blowers with confidentiality and conduct all investigation related with fraud, corruption, waste, embezzlement and abuse.  Proactively facilitate the early detection of fraud and leveraging off the hotline (mentioned above) and tip offs.  Immediately report incidents discovered through investigation to the relevant business heads regarding controls deficiencies.  Ensure that culprits of fraud are reported to the respective law enforcement agencies in collaboration with legal department and Business process owner.  Make follow ups in all Branches on loans and client money which have been fraudulently obtained and collaborate with legal to report to the relevant law enforcement authority with the view of recovering them.  Conduct Fraud risk awareness training to staff so as to prevent occurrence of fraud incidences within the Bank.  Identify training need team and share the same to Risk and Compliance Senior Manager.  Assist Risk and Compliance Senior Manager to Carry out team annual performance appraisal


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Barchelor of Public Administration 2006-06-01 - 2009-08-30


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