Tanzania Maji Jibu Co. Ltd

Tanzania Maji Jibu Co. Ltd

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Jibu capitalizes and equips Tanzanian entrepreneurs to create affordable access to drinking water and other necessities. 

Jibu is pioneering a powerful new solution to ensure everyone has access to basic human needs, such as drinking water. Our innovative business-driven, charitably-grounded model transforms the lack of access to basic human needs into an expansive opportunity by allowing thousands of properly equipped social entrepreneurs to become the solution, one neighbourhood at a time. 

Jibu identifies, qualifies, incubates, and capitalizes budding entrepreneurs from this rich resource pool to launch franchise businesses. Jibu franchisees make money while solving their communities’ issues, generating hundreds of new local jobs and igniting a virtuous cycle of wealth generation for themselves and their communities. They have the passion, drive and ability to get the job done. The payoff over time: hundreds of powerful new businesses and thousands of high-quality jobs -– built on the foundation of providing an affordable, lasting water source for many of the world’s underserved families.

One of Jibu’s key innovations is the integration of franchisor and custom banking services for aspiring entrepreneurs. Jibu’s model offers entrepreneurs access to both the upfront asset financing needed to launch a business and the ongoing infrastructure support to keep profits aligned with impact. Our social franchise business model provides a proven structure to ensure that emerging market entrepreneurs channel their efforts wisely within the constraints of a revocable franchise license – one that requires adherence to Jibu’s brand standards and charitable goals.


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Salary review every 6 months based on the work performance
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Company trip once a year and Team building once a month
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Well trained and dedicated to being able to catch the pace smoothly.
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Our office is located with creative, open workspaces and a high-quality engaging environment.


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