Kulea Childcare Villages

Kulea Childcare Villages

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Kulea Villages is a registered I-NGO which equips families with the skills needed to care for orphaned or vulnerable children or babies (typically one of their relatives). We do this through our Child Sponsorship program and our Maisha Matters program. 

Through child sponsorship we help with school fees until a child’s caregiver can. We support some families with food security, depending on their situation and need. Our social workers check on the condition of each child, his/her family, home, school and the caregiver’s small business. We customize support based on specific needs of a child or his family. Our goal is to keep children with family members and provide education and food until the family can support themselves.

Through our Maisha Matters program we help babies who are malnourished or who have no lactating mother. We provide free formula milk until the baby is weaned. We also provide the baby’s caregiver with preventative health training (hygiene, disease, first aid & nutrition). 

Kulea Villages also trains some of the caregivers in running a small business and we set up a business for those who have a demonstrated need and who are ready.  Our social workers monitor the new business, providing counsel and encouragement. 



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