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A well-experienced business administration, sales, and marketing person with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications, microfinance, banking, and agency marketing industries. highly Skilled in Microsoft Office, customer service, business development, sales, and marketing Strategy. A high-performing individual, demonstrating drive, enthusiasm, and initiative, with the ability to work well under pressure, consistently delivering quickly and accurately, and able to prioritize to ensure the deadlines are met whilst maintaining a high standard, Strong professional with a Bachelor’s Business Administration focused in marketing management from Mzumbe

Work Experience

Territory Sales Manager
AIRTEL Tanzania Private Limited Company 2022-09-01 - 2024-02-28 ❖ Managed and led a team of 233 sales forces including 12 team leaders,171 foot Soldiers, and 50 Freelancers, driving a 25% increase in Territory sales through targeted marketing campaigns ❖ Ensure 98% of Normal Wakala are directly connected with strong cash partners (super Agents) for smooth cash in and out floats flowing within the territory. ❖ Recruiting and Coaching channel business partners on issues of Money Business acquisitions and expansions. ❖ Working toward ensuring 80% and above of sales forces continue to remain active working throughout. ❖ Ensure 50% and above of the total population within the territory are converted users of Airtel money products, this report is released monthly by TCRA which is known as Customer Market share. ❖ Ensure 98% of Airtel Money Agent’s outlets are physically visited every month to cultivate and strengthen active positive friendly business relationships. ❖ Active managing and monitoring 8 Airtel Money Branches and 6 Airtel money kiosks to ensure are operated under the company’s policies, Procedures, and regulations and remain brand exclusive throughout. ❖ Keeping up-to-date with consumer insight, competitor movement, and market situation to define the opportunity and thread. ❖ Manage 12 Airtel sites (towers) to ensure each site creates revenue of 15 million and above monthly and profits are maximized through the extraction of existing population (converting non-customers). ❖ Manage and control the sales and supply of recharge card vouchers and sim cards to the business partners. ❖ Driving different marketing and sales Campaigns for Mass Sim-Card registrations, revenue growth, and Market penetrations including Wakala SSOs, Evening attacks, Door to Door selling, Team leader per site, Special A-list champion divisions, Sim-cards seeding, Gulio Engagement and Reward division selling Competition Campaigns and activations. ❖ Navigate the acquisition of new MNO users from 21,000 to 47,000, resulted lead to increase of market share from 38% to 48% up to 52%. ❖ Driving acquisition and onboarding 150 new Airtel Money Wakala and 110 LIPA Merchants into Money businesses within the territory.
Management Trainee for Microfinance Programs
BRAC Microfinanc 2021-04-25 - 2022-12-31 ❖ Maintains focus on safety in the workplace by complying with company safety procedures and practices. ❖ Effectively managing and conducting target of loan disbursement amounts of 300 million and above and ensuring the collection targets of loan Installment payment amounts of 170 and above every month. ❖ Establish and maintain clear and consistent lines of communication with internal departments relative to customer successes, customer failures, new customer developments, and other customer-specific information ❖ Keep local, regional, and country management informed of territory performance, personal performance, and market trends ❖ Periodically as branch Manager I lead and manage 12 staff community Organizers and 8 Credit officers as Area Manager. ❖ Work closely with local branch managers to assist in promoting operations and customer management. ❖ Conduct 40 and above members recruitment, screening, and Orienting to the particular loan products and services every month. and also Manage and Supervise 58 Groups. each group formed with 15-25 group members. ❖ Processing loan applications, verifying client’s income-generating activities (IGA) and other related. ❖ Providing quality and good customer service to clients and accomplishing day-by-day activities as required. ❖ Research and evaluate clients’ creditworthiness and create credit scoring models to predict risks. ❖ Approve or reject loan requests, based on credibility and potential revenues and losses ❖ Calculate and set interest rates and Negotiate loan terms with clients. ❖ Conducting Client Collaterals investigation and Investigations and Maintaining records of loan applications ❖ Follow up with clients to manage debt settlements and loan renewals and ensure all lending procedures comply with BOT regulations.
Data Quality Officer (Contract)
National Bank of Commerce (NBC –HQ) 2022-12-02 - 2023-04-29 ❖ Performing checks for identification of customer's risk ratings. ❖ Providing daily reports to Branch, Operational, and Regional Managers on Non-compliance procedures needed to be undertaken and Reviewing and remediate clients’ accounts. ❖ Conducting risk and compliance assessments. ❖ Highly maintained confidentiality of bank records and client information. ❖ Directed specific questions to appropriate branch personnel. ❖ Delivered prompt, accurate, and excellent customer service. ❖ Accurate reviewed 25 Customer accounts (KYC) to check for compliance daily. ❖ On a daily base Coordinated with 2 to 3 branches in the effort of attaining compliance of accounts
Digital and alternative channels Effective Unit (Internship)
National Bank of Commerce (NBC –HQ) 2020-02-05 - 2021-12-31 ❖ Organizing and arranging digital performance weekly and monthly meeting calls with all digital channel champions for intensive discussion on all issues relating to digital Channels arising within and outside of the clients. ❖ Effective and Constant working toward ensuring agreed targets are communicated and met to all branch digital channel champions. ❖ Working closely with the head of clusters, branch Managers, and digital Champions by providing updates on digital constructive reports on a daily, weekly, and Monthly basis. ❖ Ensuring monthly mobile banking revenues increase by 500 million Tshs through active pushing and emphasis on digital channel service utilizations. ❖ Ensuring the figures of new digital customers are increased by 2,000 Customers per Month. ❖ Responsible for SMS Content writing and reviewing and distribution of bulk SMS to the Clients. ❖ Act as supervisor for digital Channel Marketing Campaigns, Ex. KULIPA KUNA LIPA NA NBC KIGANJANI. ❖ Acting as an effective back supportive unit for any concerning issues and complaints on digital channels that arise from Staff and Clients. ❖ Tracking inactive digital channel Users especially inactive, and ensuring they are active and registered. ❖ Continuous reminding bank clients on the effective use of mobile, Internet banking, and ATM on their daily transactions and bill payments. ❖ Conduct friendly engagement with clients through personalized SMS by 2 Way SMS feature Portal. ❖ Ensuring 90% of existing and new account openings are digitally registered and transformed actively.
Client and Marketing Coordinator(Internship)
AFROMARK Communication Marketing Agency (T)LTD 2019-09-08 - 2020-02-05 ❖ Work directly with clients to effectively manage their needs and preferences. ❖ Offer advice and provide client support on services and products ❖ Frequently check in with clients to confirm their satisfaction with the services provided. ❖ Partnership management, identify new potential target markets and brand partnerships and develop tactics to reach them. ❖ Conduct customer service workshops and presentations. ❖ Producing effective and persuasive marketing materials including emails, proposals, marketing content, website pages, brochures, marketing videos, Business cards, Flyers, Postcards, Banners, Posters, Displays, etc. ❖ Participate in product and Service promotions and actions both indoor and outdoor activations. ❖ Participate in the selection and recruitment of brand ambassadors for product promotions, advertisements, and selling., ❖ Constantly generating ideas for new brand campaigns and projects ❖ Managing and supervising day-to-day activities of the Product's Brand Ambassadors for promotions, advertisements, and selling activations. ❖ Ensuring that product selling targets are well communicated to all brand ambassadors. ❖ Continuously develop knowledge of products and services to better assist customers. ❖ Conduct performance evaluations of team members and provide appropriate feedback for improvements. ❖ Participation in Oversee flagship campaigns/ events and budget allocation
Sales and Marketing Personnel. (Contract)
Emirate Aluminium Profile LTD 2018-01-20 - 2019-08-14 ❖ Maintaining accurate records of products sold on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and submitting a report to the Manager of sales. ❖ Developed and maintained relationships with key clients, Contributed to a 20% increase in client relationship rates ❖ Provision of consulting services and advice to the clients on product information. ❖ Building and maintaining long-lasting and friendly business relationships with clients. ❖ Develop and implement sales strategies to achieve company objectives and targets. ❖ Maintain client relationships including regular outreach, communication, and visits with existing and potential clients Monitor competitor activities and provide feedback to the management team. ❖ Establish, maintain, and update a client database and sales tracking system, in coordination with the COO, to ensure stock is always available before the next required delivery of a product. ❖ Maintain discipline in the timely submission of Reports as required and meeting deadlines for the same. ❖ Conduct market research and analysis to evaluate trends, competition venture, and other information that affects marketing strategies ❖ To address all Customer Complaints and resolve them in liaison with the Quality Team and ensure sustainable relations with the Distributor/Dealer
Customer service representative (Student Field Trainee)
Local Authority Pension Fund (LAPF/PSSF) 2016-02-18 - 2016-06-30 ❖ Receiving and recording cheques from the employers` deposit. ❖ Attending field work to obtain and registration of new members. ❖ Preparation of receipts dispatch. ❖ Receiving incoming benefit claims and listening to members' claims regarding benefits payment. ❖ Complete report on overall Member's Satisfaction. ❖ Professionally respond to customer complaints; make an effort to successfully resolve complaints per established guidelines. ❖ Ensuring that member beneficiaries fulfill all the documents as required. ❖ Consistently provided friendly guest service and heartfelt hospitality. ❖ Checking documentation to ensure that it is correct and complete. ❖ Build sustainable relationships and trust with customers through open and interactive communication


Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Marketing Management
Bachelor Degree 2014-10-17 - 2017-07-31 Awards; University certificate
Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa- Tabora- Msange 823KJ
Service Man 2014-06-15 - 2014-09-30 Awards; National Military's service certificate
Advance Level 2012-02-16 - 2014-03-30 Awards; Advanced certificate of secondary education.
Commercial Bias
Ordinary Level 2008-01-05 - 2011-10-31 Awards; O-level certificate of secondary education.


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30 - 35
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