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I am graduated at institute of accountancy Arusha in bachelor of insurance and risk management with apprenticeship.
Communicative financial analyst, specializing in banking and financial services, and team management. Bachelor Degree in Banking and finance  from the  institute of finance management (IFM).…
Hi allMy name is Hosiana Mchau a well motivated girl who is ready to work any where and able to accomplish the task even in…
As a Business Manager, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and ensuring that all business objectives are met. This includes managing budgets, developing…
Senior Business Operations Executive with Seven over (7) years of experience analyzing business models and providing solutions for success. Critical thinker thrives when managing multiple…


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A result-oriented Individual having worked in Management, Operations and Supervision industries for over 7 years,and equipped with variety of skills and experiences such as customer…
Transport generally 
A Shipping and Logistics professional with on-hand experience in Transportation, inventory/ stock and warehousing, fleet management, international business,FMCG, B2B,B2C,workshop and maintenance management, spare parts sales…
i am real Asset to your companyi am international and professional and self motivation