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I hold a degree of bachelor of Arts in Microfinance and Enterprises Development.I believe in hard working,Team work,cooperation,problem solving, as a means making development to the company

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Tanzanite bus company 2023-06-02 - 2023-08-30 Working as a bus conductor has help me in self awareness and on how to communicate well with passengers as a way of being friendly,Polite and kind and ensuring that all passengers get their special care and important informations within the bus.Being a bus conductor require skills on how to build good relationship,problem solving,good communication with passengers and making sure their luggages/bags are safe.


Bachelor of arts in microfinance and enterprises development
Bachelor degree 2019-10-10 - 2022-12-02 I hold a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Microfinance and Enterprises Development from Moshi Cooperative university in Moshi. Well Microfinance and enterprises development has enlighten me on how people are in need with grands,loans and funds inorder to improve their businesses to higher benefits..not only that but also microfinance has help me to know different kinds of business are conducted and run in effective way.Also Microfinance has a big meaningful fact as its an Institution that provides loans to low income earners for higher standards and developments and a way on how to consider a client before providing loans by considering the 5Cs which are capital,collateral,condition,capacity and character , these are the 5Cs to consider as screening a client


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18 - 25
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