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biology teacher and head of department -Science

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I chaacha John Boke, I am an experienced biology teacher as well as an administrator. I am applying to be considered for the science teacher position. As my resume indicates, I am an outgoing teacher who can influence learning positively get results, and build a good rapport with the learners. I work very well with minimum supervision and I cherish new challenges that enhance growth and learning. 

Work Experience

Dar es salaam independent school 2020-08-20 - 2024-06-30 since I walked into DIS I have managed to teach IGCSE, AS &A Level classes getting great grades. I am the head of the department for science as well as the patrol of the students' council. All this has come due to my hard work and dedication to my work.
biology teacher
Feza internationl school 2015-08-15 - 2020-07-31 I taught biology and science lower secondary and realized very good results. during my tenure as a biology teacher, I was promoted to the position of head of the science department due to my commitment and dedication to my work. I was the head of the sport-winning house for two academic years.


Bachelor of Education 2004-09-12 - 2008-06-24 As a graduate of a public university with bachelors degree in education, I have dedicated myself to serving the public in terms of providing high-quality education and any other services I am assigned to undertake. I have a good language command and enjoy teachig and mentoring your adultds. I hope I can make a great addition to your great team.


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