Master of Arts in Literature
Masters Level 2019-11-28 - 2022-11-30 I hold a Master Degree of Arts in Literature from the University of Dar Es Salaam, where my dissertation focused on orality and oral traditions. My research delved into the rich tapestry of oral literature, examining its cultural significance, narrative techniques, and its cultural significance, narrative techniques, and its role in preserving and transmitting indigenous knowledge. This academic journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of literary analysis and the cultural contexts of oral traditions.
Bachelor of Arts with Education
Bachelor Degree 2016-10-28 - 2019-11-22 I hold a Bachelor Degree of Art With Education from the University of Dar Es Salaam, with a specialization in History and Literature. This program provided me with a solid foundation in pedagogical techniques and educational theory alongside in depth knowledge of historical events and literary analysis. My training has prepared me to effectively teach and inspire students in these subjects, fostering their understanding of historical contexts and literary appreciation.
Advanced certificate of secondary education
Advanced Level of Education 2014-03-28 - 2016-05-28 I competed my Advanced Level of Secondary Education at Loreto Girls Secondary School with a focus on art subjects including History , English Language, Geography alongside General Studies . This comprehensive curriculum provided me with a broad understanding of human and physical geography, advanced proficiency in English, and a deep appreciation of historical events and contexts. Additionally, general studies enhanced my critical thinking and analytical skills, preparing me for higher education and professional pursuits
Ordinary Certificate for Secondary Education
Ordinary Level of Secondary Education 2010-01-06 - 2013-11-28 I completed my Ordinary Level of Education at Peace Secondary School, where I studied a diverse range of subjects, providing a strong foundational knowledge across various disciplines. this education includes core subjects such as mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Geography alongside electives that broadened my academic horizons. this period of schooling equipped me with essential skills in critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication, laying ground work for my advanced studies and future career.


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