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With 4 years of professional experience, including my most recent role as a Warehouse Sales Officer, I am confident in my ability to contribute to the success of your organization and excel in the challenging role of a Internal Controller. Throughout my tenure as a Warehouse Sales Officer, I have acquired skills and knowledge that will directly benefit me in the role of a Internal Controller. Firstly, my experience in decision-making has allowed me to carefully evaluate various variables and make informed choices. This skill will be crucial in analyzing complex business problems and formulating effective strategies as a Internal Controller. Additionally, my ability to build strong teams has played a significant role in my success as a Warehouse Sales Officer. Working collaboratively with colleagues, I have fostered a positive and inclusive team environment, enhancing productivity and overall performance. This team-building attitude will undoubtedly contribute to creating harmonious relationships within diverse teams in the company  and enable me to effectively collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders.

Work Experience

Warehouse Sales Officer
Watu Credit 2020-11-25 - 2023-12-23 Awarded Employee Of The Month-Vera Kerubo Mogusu for proactively offering tremendous support to the branch teams during a month that was full of activities, going over and above to ensure AF/PQO project -Phase 2 was a success for the department. He assisted in setting-up trainings and constantly followedup with branches that were poorly performing to push for improvement. •Awarded Warehouse Team Leader and petty Cash Officer- Overseeing all the activities within the warehouse and solving of issues escalating from clients or fellow workmates and to oversee daily operations, while controlling and managing inventory and transit in and out of the godown. •Ensuring the Go down operates at peak efficiency, and report all cases of discrepancies.
IZWE LOANS 2019-08-05 - 2020-04-30 • Working closely with the Team Leader to formulate plans for getting new clients. • Selling and marketing loans against logbooks to prospective clients. • Soliciting referrals from existing clients and other partners. • Ensuring sales made meet good quality criteria. • Providing regular feedback to the Team Leader on performance of the product.
HIGH SCHOOLS 2018-06-13 - 2023-12-23 • To provide guidance, advise, feedback and support to the mentees. • Serving as role model, teacher, counselor,advisor, sponsor, advocate and ally.


Bachelor of science in mathematics
Bachelors degree 2015-11-23 - 2020-11-20 This 4-year undergraduate programme helped me to develop interpretive analytical and logical skills required to endeavour in the field of Mathematics. The programme trained me to handle concrete & abstract problems and solve them using my critical observations.


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25 - 30
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