Business and promotion manager

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A highly skilled and motivated professional with over 10 years of experience Business development expert. An individual with proven track record of success in both B2C and B2B sale activities. Bringing onboard a vast network of clients across different business verticals. Very competitive, result-driven, and an excellent communicator. Looking forward to joining a fast-paced business company to use my skills in increasing revenue and improving year-on year growth

Work Experience

Business and promotion manager
Mbozi coffee curing company limited 2018-05-30 - 2020-06-30 • Purchase parchment coffee from AMCOS and Registered farm and sold clean coffee on the auction or overseas. •Supervise collection of farm input debit from customer/farmer. • Prepare and supervise all seminar and meeting with farmer, stake holder of coffee to our company. • Build strong long relationship with customer in order to build customerloyalty, • through customer care, follow up to visit farms and farmer to solve their problems. • Attend and participate on different meeting from farmer/AMCOS and stake holder. • Develop new different strategy on business to our company. • Maintain market share through provide good servicesto customer, and increase market share through recruit new customer. • Supervise to provide farm input and finance support without any interest in order to improve coffee quality. • Superviseallbusinesstakeplacewithinthecompany. • Torecruit,couchandtraineetheirmarket,salesofficer.
Zonal manager
Dar ceramica centre 2018-10-30 - 2020-06-30 Consistently met my short and long-term targets. • Handledcustomercomplaintswithempathyand composure. • Proactivelyparticipatedinmeetingsandhelpedcreate new practices. • Answeredcalls,respondedtoemails,andspokewith clients face-to-face. • Processedarangeofdocumentationandentered information intodatabases. • Trained,coached,andsupervisednewstaffmembers. • Increase their sales revenue. • Supervisedanddelegatedtaskstoateamof[12]people.


Bachelor 2010-10-30 - 2013-07-30 Complete Bachelor of commerce in marketing
Mbeya day
Advance certificate 2007-10-30 - 2010-02-28 I complete A lever eduction and my result is Division 2 of HGE


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Bachelor Degree


30 - 35
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